Q.What is the Salvation Army?
A.The Salvation Army is an international Christian Church and United Nations NGO, working in more than 130 countries around the world. We are engaged and providing support in evangelism, medical, social welfare, education, community development, disaster relief, and victims of human trafficking activities.
Q.What kind of activities does the Salvation Army usually do?
A.We operate more than 14,000 mission center, more than 3,500 social welfare facilities, more than 200 hospitals, clinics, and hospice, more than 400 alcohol drug addict recovery support programs, more than 2,800 kindergartens, elementary, junior high and high schools, universities, vocational schools, blind schools, and boarding schools worldwide. Also, we do homeless support, prison ministry, counseling, search for missing person, employment support, disaster relief, refugee support, livelihood support, community development, support for human trafficking victims, and fair trade.
Q.Why are you adopting an army style?
A.Inspired by the words from 2 Timothy 2:3 in the New Testament of the Bible, “Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus”, The Salvation Army was born to fight against social evil, act swiftly, and save souls of the people.
Q.How can I join the activities of the Salvation Army?
A.We are always looking for volunteers, so please contact the Territorial Headquarters (main office). In addition, everyone is welcomed at the Sunday service of the Corps nationwide. We sincerely welcome your visit.
Q.Please tell us about the life of people in the Salvation Army.
A.There are many individuals in the Salvation Army who are working as a volunteer, employee, soldier (believer), Officer (Pastor) and we share the same mission, which is service to others motivated by God's love. Soldier is an individual who is above the age 14, have faith in Jesus Christ, and finished Enrollment Ceremony (equivalent to Baptism), voluntarily choosing a lifestyle of quit drinking alcohol and smoking. While living as a student, professional, and housewife, Soldier will participate and serve in the Salvation Army Corps on weekends.
Q.How is the Salvation Army organization structured?
A.The Salvation Army’s International Headquarter is in London, U.K., led by a General (Supreme Leader). The world is divided and organized into 5 zones (Europe, America, Africa, South Asia, and South Pacific and East Asia). We have established local subsidiaries in each country, represented by Territorial Commanders. Japan belongs to the South Pacific and East Asia zones, and has its headquarters in Jimbocho, Tokyo. Through the Salvation Army Religious Juridical Persons and the Salvation Army Social Welfare Legal Persons, we operate 4 divisions, 41 corps, 2 hospitals, and 19 social welfare facilities.


Q.How are the funds obtained from donations are used?
A.t is used to support domestic and overseas mission, medical, social welfare, education, community development, disaster relief, and human trafficking victim support conducted by the Salvation Army.
Q.What is Supporters Club? Is there an admission fee or membership fee?
A.All Salvation Army activities are supported by the support of well-meaning people. We hope that those who understand and support the Salvation Army will join the Supporters Club and provide long-term support. You can choose from 15 ranges of support membership fees from 1,000 yen to 100,000 yen. For details, please see the "About Supporters Club" page.
Q.How can withdraw from the Supporters Club or continuous donations?
A.You can unsubscribe online at any time from the Supporters Club Page through the “Withdrawal Form”. You can also cancel your membership at any time by calling the Supporters Club Office.
Q.Is it possible to donate for specific activities? (Such as disaster relief)
A.Yes, when you send the donation, if you specify the purpose of use in the communication column, telephone, email, etc., we will use it only for that purpose. (Ex: For the Great East Japan Earthquake, for children, for DV victims, for hospice, for homeless support, etc.)
Q.Is there a tax deduction for making a donation?
A.Those donated to the Salvation Army Social Welfare Legal Persons with a donation application form are tax deductible. If you contact the Social Welfare Department of the Territorial Headquarters, we will send you a donation application form. After receiving the donation, we will issue a tax deduction receipt. Donations to the Salvation Army Religious Juridical Persons (including the Supporters Club) are not tax deductible.
Q.How can we donate to the Salvation Army?
A.You can bring cash to the Territorial Headquarters or branch (Corps, facilities, and hospitals) or donate by registered mail, postal transfer, bank transfer, credit card, etc. For details, please see the "Request for donations and support" page.