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We, who live in Japan, do not usually see it, but there are many people in the world, especially in developing countries, who need support in areas such as medical care, education, poverty alleviation, and regional development. We, The Salvation Army (Kyuseigun) is a Christian organization and International NGO, working all around the world. We work for those who are in needs of medical, educational, social welfare and other various supports. During a natural disaster, we do rescue operations and help reconstruction assistance.

In addition to the works listed above, the Salvation Army in Japan does the Christmas Kettle (Shakainabe), bazaar, and music concerts by the JSB(Japan Staff Band), leading to support for the people.

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With your little compassion, you can help people suffering from poverty and illness, help children to receive education, support disaster victims and more. You can deliver your thoughts to those who need help. Would you like to participate in this donation in the form of support?

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Mr. Sakuo Yamaguchi

Patent Attorney, Yamaguchi & Associates, President

"The Salvation Army is the most efficient of the more than 600,000 fundraising organizations in the United States," Dragger said. (Forbes August 11, 1997 issue) In addition, in rescue activities that are said to be more difficult than collecting, the Salvation Army does not leave it to the government, but an officer (pastor) hands it directly to the victims. I have been making donations to the Salvation Army since the Showa era, hoping that such an organization would make use of my donations, but mysteriously, I have received many blessings for my business.

Mr. Heinz Gisel

CEO, Vitality Concepts Co Ltd

I have been supporting the Salvation Army for 25 years. I have witnessed how effective their community services are. Their staff and volunteers are highly motivated professionals to alleviate social issues such as alcohol and drug rehabilitation, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, suicide prevention, and support for first-time responders and authorities in the event of a disaster. Administrative overhead cost is very low and donations and financial support are used for the general purpose of the community.


Graduate School Student, Manga Artist

While studying Christian history during my college years, especially religious reformation, I serialized a four-frame manga called "denomination anthropomorphic manga Puritan." In the manga, I drew the character "Kyuseigun san" and I had an opportunity to officially interview the Salvation Army. Currently, I am drawing illustrations for pamphlets. I want more people to recognize the works and history of the Salvation Army which is actively and concretely working to resolve social issues. I hope to help the works of the Salvation Army!

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