A place for everyone’s heart.
That is the Corps (Church) of the Salvation Army.
We gather every Sunday for worship (Holiness Meeting) to sing hymns, pray together,
share our testimonies, and listen to the message of encouragement from the Bible.

About the Corps (Church)

Corps (Church) nationwide hold various meetings, activities, and events. Please visit us.

Corps Activities

Holiness Meeting

Worship service held on Sunday morning, where you hear messages from the Bible and have a time of fellowship.

Salvation Meeting

Evangelical meeting for people who are not familiar with Christianity or who are new Christians. Themes like God, Jesus Christ, salvation, etc. are spoken in an easy-to-understand manner.

Fellowship Meal

After the worship on Sunday, we will have a meal together. It is an important time to remind that we are family of God.

Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministry is open to the community where everyone, even non-Christians can participate.
We are engaged in various activities such as Home League, flower arrangement, chorus, Bible study, and child development support. Also, we carry out “Least Coin Project” campaign and donate to developing countries every year.

Sunday School

It plays an important role in the growth of youth's mind and body, learning the Bible and how to live as a Christian along the curriculum. There are also plenty of fun programs such as children's associations, summer bible schools, and camping.

Over 60’s Club

Gathering for anyone who is over the age of 60 and anyone can participate regardless of religious denomination. Every time, we enjoy a delicious homemade lunch and a fun program.

Special Meetings

Ceremonial events are held at the Corps and as a family of God, we share both joy and sadness. Believers are "brothers and sisters" who transcend age, background, and title.

In addition, various activities such as chorus and brass rehearsals, Bible study group, prayer meeting, concert, roadside mission, and distribution of bulletins are according to the members and needs of the Corps.

Community Care Ministries (CCM)

The CCM is a service group that responds to the needs of the community and practices the love of Christ, usually through a Salvation Army Corps. The content of the service varies from region to region, and the opportunities for service are endless. For example, we will visit sick people and elderly people living alone and provide as much assistance as possible, sharing peace and joy. CCM can participate in activities as a volunteer without becoming a member.

Other activities are as follows:

  • Visit hospitals and facilities.
  • Visit people with disabilities and people living alone in the area.
  • Helping with shopping, garden work, writing letters, preparing meals, etc.
  • Assistance in the event of an emergency (including preparation and distribution of consolation items such as clothing, daily necessities, and groceries)
  • Write a letter of consolation to those who have lost their families and are weakened.
  • Provide counseling.
  • Participate as volunteers at hospitals and facilities during rehabilitation and recreation.

How to become a CCM member

CCM membership qualifications are as follows,

A person who wants to serve with love and compassion for people and has been recommended by a Corps officer.

Even if you are not a member, you can participate in the activities as a volunteer at any time, so please feel free to contact your local Salvation Army Corps (Church).

CCM National Desk

CCM National Desk

Available Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 9:00~16:00

2-17 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters
Program Department - CCM National Desk

* There are many cases where the phone line is busy and cannot be connected. In that case, please call again at another time.
* This inquiry system is managed by the Salvation Army Headquarters and we cannot answer specific inquiries about donation of items.

Oasis of Heart (Kokoro-no-oasis)

Is your mind exhausted?
Wednesday is middle of
the week and you might feel tired.
It is just a short time of hymn,
Bible, and prayer during the lunch break hour.
Please visit us.

The Gunpei Yamamuro Memorial Hall, which is located at the headquarters of the Salvation Army, has a prayer time every Wednesday (Oasis of Heart). It starts with a greeting of "Welcome back", and after singing a hymn, it ends with short message from the Bible and prayer. You do not need to write your name at the reception and no donations are necessary. Anyone can participate, so please visit when you come nearby.

We will give the applicant a CD with the recorded message of "Oasis of Heart". Shipping fee is 80 yen. If you wish, please fill in the address and apply through inquiry. You can also receive the gift CD directly at the Salvation Army Headquarters "The Gospel House"

Oasis of Heart

The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters 1st floor
The Gunpei Yamamuro Memorial Hall (Jimbo-cho)

Every Wednesday
at 12:20-12:45 (closed on holidays)

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To the Salvation Army's
Officer of the Future

The Salvation Army has an Officer’s Training College to train future ministers.
If you are interested in working as a Salvation Army, please contact us.

Officer’s Training College

There are people
that you can save
with your support

With your little compassion, you can help people suffering from poverty and illness, help children to receive education, support disaster victims and more. You can deliver your thoughts to those who need help. Would you like to participate in this donation in the form of support?

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